Bajre Da Sitta: 5 Reasons That Excite Us Make The Film A Must-Watch

The upcoming Punjabi movie Bajre Da Sitta has really made us super excited for its release. There is not one but various reasons that make this movie a must-watch. In this article we have dotted down the 5 biggest reasons that make Bajre Da Sitta a must-watch for everyone. 

The film stars Ammy Virk and Tania in the leading roles, while Noor Chahal will be also seen as the second lead. Actors like Guggu Gill, Nirmal Rishi, BN Sharma, Hobby Dhaliwal, Rupinder Rupi, Seema Kaushal, Gurpreet Bhangu and more will feature in supporting roles. The film is written and directed by Jass Grewal and is set to release on 15 July.

And before we actually begin counting the 5 reasons to watch Bajre Da Sitta, have a look at its amazing Trailer here;

5 Reasons That Make Bajre Da Sitta A Must Watch

Exceptional Storyline

If you have watched the trailer of Bajre Da Sitta, you too will understand the reason behind our sky-level of excitement. The film’s story is not like any other cliché love story that we see in every second movie. 

Bajre Da Sitta is based on the life of two sisters who desire to sing but are dominated by society and its norms. It highlights how it was considered derogatory when females of a family would sing. It is packed with an adequate amount of drama, romance, emotions and thrills. 

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Powerful Leads 

Bajre Da Sitta features Ammy Virk and Tania in the leading role. This is the same on-screen pair that left us astonished with their performance in the superhit movie Sufna. 

But this time it is even more special because the characters they are assigned are unique and exceptional. We have seen Tania in roles which are soft and where she is submissive, but in this film, we are truly eager to see how her character will transform. 

On the other hand, Ammy Virk has always been the constant support to his lady love in almost every movie. But here, we are teased with the villainous side of Ammy in the film. The makers have not revealed much about Ammy’s character which has also made us think he is going to be the one who turns the table. 

Therefore, the two amazing actors whom we have immense faith in will star together in this film in some really powerful characters. And this is a big enough reason to make Bajre Da Sitta a must-watch for us. 

Musical Bliss

The story of Bajre Da Sitta itself is based on the musical journey of two sisters. Then how come we cannot expect it to be a musical treat? The trailer of the film has given us enough hints about the amazing music it is going to serve us. 

Also, the title track of the film has been released which has put an official stamp to our high expectations from the music of Bajre Da Sitta. If you haven’t listened to the track yet, here it is;

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Supporting Cast

You’re lying if you say you’ve watched the trailer of Bajre Da Sitta and still not thrilled to get a little more of Guggu Gill’s character. The man indeed is an epitome of talent and expressions. The way he performs any character on screen makes him steal the show even from the leads.

In Bajre Da Sitta also, Guggu Gill has portrayed the role of an orthodox man with very strong opinions. He is seen as absolutely against the singing of Tania and Noor in the film and we are excited to see how this clash will evolve to be.

Apart from Guggu Gill, we are also highly impressed with how the characters of Nirmal Rishi, BN Sharma and Seema Kaushal have turned out to be. The rich supporting cast has made Bajre Da Sitta a must-watch for sure.

Women Centric

It’s not every time when we see Punjabi movies making movies focusing on a female character. Where in maximum movies, female characters are used just as little as a prop, Bajre Da Sitta is the odd one out.

The film is not only going to highlight the kind of discrimination women faced in old times but will also prove to set a cinematic inspiration for women’s empowerment. 

It’s after a really long time when we are teased with this exciting-looking film. Bajre Da Sitta will begin entertaining you in the theaters on 15 July, and we have started the countdown already.

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