What Makes Local Indian Streaming Platforms Full Of Excessive Sexual Content?

Source: Vice

Local Indian Streaming Platforms like ALTBalaji and Ullu are often blamed for being laden with Erotic Content. The intensity of the content has led people to call it ‘Soft-Porn’. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if the content on these platforms is defined as just one step behind Porn. 

A director engrossed in making such content, Pritesh Kumar Srivastva, stated that he expected such content to flourish in India, inspired by the success of Fifty Shades Of Grey, but never expected it to be such a huge success. Various web series on ALTBalaji and Ullu have garnered over 2 million and even 20 million views. 

Source: Vice

According to him, what makes this Home-grown Erotic Content such a big success is the OTT platforms contribution in providing a space to weave a story around such content, which appears to be non-existent at other platforms such as Youtube. 

The biggest success to date in such a genre is the ALTBalaji’s creation ‘Gandi Baat’ (Dirty Talk). The show is also one of the most streamed and can also be defined as the introductory series to homegrown erotic content. The success of the show has led it to extend into a 4-season long show. 

Source: Vice

A part of the starcast of ‘Gandi Baat’, Anveshi Jain’s success story is important to understand the massive fanbase of these shows. Though she was more than reluctant and hesitant to make her on-screen debut in a bra for a show known for its adult content, she already knew what she had signed up for. She explains that she knew this would give her the visibility and the public attention she wanted and stated this as the reason behind signing up for the project.

Anveshi Jain has been in the industry for only a short period of time, but her success has been huge and completely unapologetic. With an army of 2.5 million followers, she also has her own paid mobile app which received more than 2500 subscriptions in the lockdown itself.

Anveshi hasn’t been on the screen much after her debut but her social media presence and fanbase is much bigger than many. The actress admits that she is also familiar with the reason behind it. She defines her body and physical attributes behind it. Though she was hesitant in accepting the fact initially, now, she is in no mood to lie to herself about her success. 

Who does not like instant success. Who does not like numbers rising overnight and who does not like money coming out of them. The story of Anveshi’s success-story or Pritesh’s take on the homegrown soft porn content very well explains the reason why Indian Streaming Platforms are full of such content. The audience likes to consume such content and that’s why it’s been made. 

Source : Vice.com

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