What Prompted Singer Kaka To Write His Own Songs And Compose Them. Reason Inside

What Prompted Singer Kaka To Write His Own Songs And Compose Them. Reason Inside

Kaka who managed to win millions of hearts and create a huge fan base with his song ‘Keh Len De’. It seems like there is no stopping for the thriving singer as after the success of his song ‘Keh Len De’ he has amused us with some spectacular songs like Aashiq Purana, Teeji Seat and many more. He never misses to woo our hearts with his romantic and heart touching songs. 

Apart from being an amazing singer, he is a great lyricist too. He has penned many of his songs and started his career by singing his own songs. Kaka loves to write his own songs and wants to become a singer. Due to the financial issues, he couldn’t be made a professional singer earlier in the Punjabi music industry. But the singer never gave up. He tried his best to collect some money to record his professional songs. He was fond of singing from a very young age.

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Kaka once revealed in an interview that he always wanted to sing other lyricist songs but due to some reasons he used his own. While disclosing the reason he says that he has a passion for writing and he thinks that he is a great writer but he wants to give his vocals to other artists songs. When he first wrote a song, he felt proud of himself but the same thought was going through his mind. Then during his engineering days while he was pursuing B. Tech, one of his peers showed the lyricist to him and then he felt that he can write better than this, so the idea of writing own lyrics strikes in his mind and this is how he started writing.

Though both his voice and writing are loved and praised by the fans. And we always wish that the singer reaches the height and never looks back during his success journey.

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