What This Sikh Bus Driver Did After He Was Offered $100 Will Move Your Heart! Read To Know

Recently, a video is going viral on social media, uploaded by Youtuber ‘Splash Of Dan’. The Youtuber uploaded a reel on his official Instagram handle. It shows the Youtuber offering $100 to a Sikh Bus Driver. While a common man would never miss an opportunity to make $100 without doing anything, this Sikh Bus Driver actually denied the 100 dollars!

Splash Of Dan approached the Bus Driver and said that he wanted a ride on his bus but had a $100 Note. The Driver was offered the Note by the Youtuber but the Sikh Man repeatedly refused to take the money and told him to take a ride for free this time, and pay double the next time. Few seconds later, Splash of Dan himself gives up trying to offer the driver free money and reveals that he didn’t actually want a ride. It was just a holiday treat for him. The driver shows him a thumbs up with a smile but doesn’t take the money.

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A Punjabi or even an Indian would know that it was pretty normal for a Sikh to refuse free money because that’s just how they are. But for Splash Of Dan, it was a really disappointing incident. He’d offered the money with his whole heart and when denied, he felt angry and even included an ‘angry’ emoji at the end of his reel.

So, a Sikh Man himself took up the job to clear the misunderstanding. In the original reel’s comment section, a user explained the reason behind why the driver refused free money. He wrote that Sikhs are the most generous and hard working people you’ll ever meet. They do not take charities, rather it is the community that believes in giving. He also suggested ‘Splash’ to befriend someone from Sikh religion which would help him to know about more ways to help the needy. 

To this comment, Splash also replied that he posted the same video to his Tik Tok account, where he enjoys a followership of more than 2 million and all of the comments told him the same thing. Be it India or elsewhere, Sikhs are surely a community we are proud of. Not only are they making us proud with their achievements and valours but these little gestures revealing their character and personality make us proud every minute. 

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