G20 Summit: What Will Be Closed In Delhi? Other State Vehicles Allowed During These Days?

The G20 summit is scheduled for 8-10 September in our nation’s capital city, Delhi. The preparations were going on in full swing to welcome at least two dozens of world leaders. 

All the schools, colleges and offices will remain closed during 8-10 in order to prevent the inconvenience caused by the heavy traffic. 

The event will be held at the newly built international convention and exhibition Centre, Bharat Mandapam at the Pragati Maidan. 

Delhi Minister Atishi has also announced the closure of all the educational institutions and offices in Delhi. 

She announced “It is a matter of great pride that our country is hosting the G20 Summit. I congratulate the Centre for coming up with a grand convention centre at Pragati Maidan where the G20 Summit will be held. Ten roads have been refurbished for the G20 Summit and extensive beautification work has been undertaken”.

During the summit, a lot of things are not allowed in Delhi such as schools, colleges and banks. If we talk about the conveyance, buses on Mathura road, Bhairon road, Purana Quila road, Pragati Maidan tunnel are not permitted at all. Goods vehicles are also not allowed to ply on the roads. 

There have also been certain restrictions around the NDMC area which are to be strictly followed. Cloud kitchens, deliveries, morning walks and cycling around the NDMC area are completely restricted. 

Theater, restaurants, malls, liquor shop, and markets will remain closed. Travel within ndmc without a valid and authentic pass, commercial auto rickshaws and taxis

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