What Will Happen To The Old Parliament Building As Proceedings Will Move To The New Parliament From Today ?

As Prime Minister Narendra Modi started the special Parliament session on Monday by paying a heartfelt Tribute to the Old Parliament Building, everybody present became a bit emotional. From Tuesday onwards, the Parliament program will move to the new Parliament Building which was inaugurated in May this year. 

Paying tribute Modi said, leaving the old Parliament is an “emotional moment”. “The biggest achievement of this parliament is that it has kept people’s faith in democracy alive,” Modi said.

“Today we have an opportunity to connect with the past. We are leaving this building with hope for the future. I am confident that as we enter the new Parliament building, we will go there with new hope and confidence,” the prime minister said.

The previous Parliament Building built by British architect Sir Edwin Lutyens and Herbert Baker, has been the house of intense debates, discussions, protests, and emotional conversations. It took 6 years to build the building and was completed in 1927, 96 years before.

But do you also wonder what will happen to the Old building of Parliament now? Well here’s the answer!

As per Thestatesman, ‘According to the source, the old building will not be demolished. The existing Parliament building will surely be conserved, as it is an archaeological asset for the country. It will be suitably retrofitted to provide more functional space for parliamentary events and to ensure that it is used along with the new building.

There are some reports that say the existing parliament building may also be converted into a museum if that happens the building will surely be opened for the common public to experience the current Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha chambers and much more. Whatever decisions will be taken by the government, it is sure that the old building is part of India’s rich historical past and it should be preserved for generations to come’.

The  Parliament will now shift to the new building from 19th September onwards.

Talking to the media, mr. Joshi said ” On the first day, the session will be held in the Old Parliament House. The next day, September 19, there will be a photo session, which usually is reserved for the end of the Lok Sabha’s tenure. Than at 11 a.m., there will be a function in the Central Hall. After that, we will enter the new Parliament. The Parliament session will start in the new Parliament on September 19 and regular government work will start there from September 20″.

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