When A Fan Couldn’t Resist Proposing The Gorgeous Sonam Bajwa

It’s safe to say that Sonam is one of the most gorgeous and prepossessing women of our industry. It’s very easy to fall in love with Sonam and her charisma. She’s the kind that takes your breath away with just one glimpse.

In an interview when asked about a fan moment relating to her beauty, Sonam answered that fans constantly compliment her looks through messages and even during greetings but there is one fan moment that she peculiarly remembers. 

While promoting her South film in Chennai with her mother, there was a fan who consistently messaged her and tracked her on social media and was present at that event too. When Sonam was called on the stage for promotions a rather embarrassing incident took place.

While everyone was busy clapping and welcoming Sonam on the stage, the fan actually started shouting “I love you Sonam Bajwa, will you marry me?”. Given the environment and presence of her mother, Sonam was lowkey embarrassed with the fans’ action but handled it gracefully. 

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