When A Passenger Kissed The Cab Driver; Babbal Rai’s Cheek

Babbal Rai is the heartthrob of Punjabi Industry. His fan following among girls is unbelievable. And this story of an incident when he got a kiss as a token of love will make your day.

His fans know he used to work as a cab driver in Australia before starting his career as a singer. And this incident from those days as well.

In an interview, Babbal Rai revealed he still remembers a passenger girl who kissed her cheek as a token of love.

Once he was driving with a girl sitting next to him on the front seat, and her drunk boyfriend was sitting in the backseat. Her boyfriend was drunk and not conscious. So he and the girl completed the ride singing songs and enjoying themselves. And when it was time for dropping them to their location, the girl kissed his cheek as a token of love with the bill.

Since then Babbal hasn’t forgotten this sweet gesture.

We all move ahead in our lives but the beautiful tales and incidents become memories and stays with us forever.

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