When Ammy Virk Requested Happy Raikoti To Allow Him To Sing This Superhit Song.

When Ammy Virk Requested Happy Raikoti To Allow Him To Sing This Superhit Song.

Many a times singers cum lyricists plan to make some songs in their own voices rather than offering them to the mainstream singers. And this turn sometimes comes out to be the best choice as the song collects so much popularity and love from the audience that it makes the crew overwhelmed. One such incident happened with the Punjabi artist, Happy Raikoti. He reveals that Khabbi Seat was almost ready to be out in his vocals but what twisted the game was Ammy’s hunger for the song. 

Happy reveals that he recorded the dummy of the song and was ready to shoot it within the upcoming week. ‘I was making songs with MixSingh in his studio and in a trice I sang Khabbi Seat to him. He liked the song and decided to record it first among all. After making the dummy, now the time was to shoot it next week.’, reveals Happy Raikoti. 

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Further, in addition he tells, ‘Soon after the recording, during a meet up with Ammy and directors B2gether Pros, I made Ammy recall the song as I sang it to him earlier too. He liked it but he thought that the shoot wouldn’t be this soon. Ammy was hanging back and quietly asked one of our mutual friends to ask me if he can do that song in place of me’. Raikoti obviously agreed to this as being friends it is hard to deny their wish.

Everything went well and the song was shot on Ammy Virk and Sweetaj Brar with the dummy that was earlier prepared by Happy Raikoti and MixSingh. And was later recorded by Ammy and released in Ammy Virk’s voice.

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