When Ammy Virk Said ‘Chhad Pare Hatt’ And Abused Ranveer Singh On The Ground Of Movie 83

Kabir khan’s directed movie ‘83’ has introduced so many new faces to Bollywood. Gems of Punjabi entertainment industry, Ammy Virk and Hardy Sandhu also won the hearts of Indian audience by acting in this movie.

But you might not know that Ammy Virk was a little nervous as he did not prepare anything before for his character of ‘Balvinder Singh Sandhu’. He has done so many Punjabi movies before, but this time it was for Bollywood and the change of language also made him a little nervous initially. 

The moment he met Bollywood fame Ranveer Singh for the first time was no less than an anecdote. Ammy was casually stretching in the ground; and Ranveer approached from behind and gave him a tight hug from backside only. Ammy’s eyes were closed at that time. Presuming it was Hardy Sandhu who hugged him, he said “Chad Prey Hatt” and abused randomly like a typical Punjabi man.

In an interview, while talking about the same incident, Ammy Virk said, Ranveer must be thinking what a pathetic man I am, that he hugged me, and I started abusing. When I opened my eyes and I looked back, I greeted him nicely and embraced him. He was not affectionate just to me, but to all other 13 persons as well. That is the prime reason why this movie has so much positivity in it and it came out really good.”

Unlike Ammy Virk, who is undoubtedly a Punjabi superstar; there were so many actors in the team of movie ‘83’, who were not so popular and who did not work in so many films. Even those actors have given their best in the movie and performed with full confidence. From director Kabir Khan to lead actor Ranveer Singh, everyone was so comforting resulting in the production of such an amazing movie.

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