When Babbu Maan Asked Badshah ‘Kitho Da Badshah Ae Tu’ After Knowing His Name

Badshah is such a rapper who has reached worldwide, with the trends of his songs that go popular on social media in no time of releasing the songs. His unique choice of music and songs, and of course his different stage name stands out among many other popular artists. 

Aditya Prateek Singh Sisodia who came into limelight after changing his name from Cool Equal to Badshah, is inspired by many people in his life. Shah Rukh Khan is the one who was the inspiration behind his name Badshah, after the former released a film by the same name. It was after the release of the film, Adtiya decided to name himself as Badshah and after that he has undoubtedly become very famous and came out with flying colours. 

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But this name sometimes goes on the other (humorous) side when he gets introduced to people. In an old talk show, Badshah was asked if anybody jokes about him as Where are you the King? So the artist remembered and talked about a fun incident. 

“I went to meet Babbu Maan for the first time. Some other person introduced me to him by saying that ‘He is Badshah’. To this, Babbu Maan humorously replied and asked the rapper as Kitho Da Badshah Ae Tu?” said Badshah. 


He then went on to say that it is just his stage name. Badshah had a lot of good things to say about Babbu Maan in his praise, that he is a good and down to earth human being. Also, he is very humble and sweet. 


Recalling this fun moment and first meeting with Babbu Maan, Badshah chuckled a lot and told the entire story behind his name. If you are a fan of Badshah, you must know Badshah’s funny and humorous side of him and that he is a hell of amazing as a person, and no doubt, as a singer too.

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