When BB Contestants Had A Laughter Attack After Afsana Khan Said LODEIN Inside The House

When BB Contestants Had A Laughter Attack After Afsana Khan Said LODEIN Inside The House

The controversial reality TV show Bigg Boss is pacing up its popularity by something or the other incidents happening inside the house among the contestants. Punjabi star Afsana Khan is continuously visible by the hilarious and piercing actions she is doing inside Bigg Boss and taking the internet by storm. 

Afsana Khan is seen indulging in many events in the Bigg Boss, be it fights or the performing of the tasks, she is completely playing with full enthusiasm. She also presents her hilarious side before the audience and the housemates by making some chirpy moves and comments. One such incident got the netizens’ attention in a short period of time. 

The time when most of the housemates were part of the jungle rather than the main house, they were trying hard for their survival and this is when Afsana made the quirky remark by saying that she needs somebody who can fulfill all her needs and hopes inside the house. “Aisa Banda Chuno Jo Humaari Ummeedein, Humaari Jo ‘Lodein’ Hain Vo Poori Karein”.She was speaking hindi, meanwhile her mother tongue slipped into it and got mixed both the languages that forced in-house members to laugh and chuckle. However, she later corrected herself and said that the Hindi word for Lodein is Zaruratein but it was too late to correct it as the contestants already misunderstood the word in a dirty and double meaning manner. 


Pratik Sehajpal, Umar Riaz, Miesha Iyer and Vidhi Pandya were present at that time when this funny session happened. Whereas, Pratik, who understands Punjabi very well, clarified to the fellow mates that it is a Punjabi word for ‘needs’. 

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