When Bollywood Action-director Sham Kaushal Got Emotional After Watching Ardaas Karaan

We all know about the supremacy of Punjabi superstar Gippy Grewal. He has risen to fame with every step he put forward in Punjabi Film and Music Industry. But there are only two types of people who keep a check on an artist’s career growth; the first category includes the true fans, and the second one comprises the ones who always knew that this artist is going to achieve big. 

And in Gippy Grewal’s case, Sham Kaushal was the man who belonged to category two. Sham Kaushal is the father of much loved Bollywood actor Vicky Kaushal and is also one of the most popular and experienced action-directors of Indian Film Industry. In an interview, Gippy Grewal talked about his debut movie ‘Mel Karade Rabba’ which was released in 2010. In his conversation, he revealed that Sham Kaushal has directed the action scenes in it, and had a word with him one day. Sham Kaushal told Gippy that he sees a spark in him and he will surely achieve heights someday soon.

On this, Gippy was a little surprised wondering about why an experienced man would say something like this to him, when actually Mel Karade Rabba was his first movie. But little did he know that Sham Kaushal was the man who identified Gippy’s talent when nobody else did.

After a few years passed, Gippy Grewal screened his movie Ardaas Karaan in Mumbai where Sham Kaushal reached too. After watching the movie, Sham Kaushal became so emotional that he hugged Gippy and said that I always knew you’d do something great. 

This beautiful story of Sham Kaushal and Gippy Grewal is a perfect real-life example of the popular proverb “Ik Heere Di Asal Pachhal Johri Nu Hi Hundi Ae”. 

We are sure this sweet and short story which covers the till now career of Gippy Grewal in Punjabi Cinema has brought a smile on your face too.

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