When Diljit Dosanjh Proposed Marriage To His Classmate And Got Punished

We won’t be wrong if we say that Diljit Dosanjh is the favorite of most of us. The reason might be his smile, innocence, acting & singing skills, sense of humor or anything else but nobody wins our heart like he does.

And we also know every girl has dreamed of marrying him at least once in their life. His charming looks and chirpy talks are more than enough to make any girl fall for him. 

But do you know when Diljit was about 8-9 years old, a girl was lucky enough to get proposed by little Diljit. 

In an interview, Diljit revealed that when he was a student of 3rd standard, the senior boys of his school van jokingly pulled his leg and asked him about his plans on getting married. To this, Diljit replied that he has thought of anything yet. 

This was when the senior boys told him to select a girl now because this is the right time. The little, innocent Diljit took it seriously and when entered his classroom, proposed to a girl. He told the girl that they will be married to each other. 

After knowing this, the girl also got a little serious about it and started crying during the lecture. The teacher noticed this and asked the girl about the reason she was crying. The girl replied that she was crying because she would get married to Diljit and hence would have to leave her house and parents too.

When the teacher got to know about the complete story that Diljit had unknowingly proposed to her, Diljit was punished. 

This story of Diljit’s childhood explains how innocent he has been and how easily the senior boys fooled him.

We’re sure this story has made you smile too.

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