When Doctors Told Jass Bajwa, ‘You Can Never Sing’

You might be the biggest fan of Jass Bajwa and his superhit tracks but do you know there was a possibility that you’d never know who Jass Bajwa is? Yes this is confusing but true. There was a time when Jass Bajwa went through a serious operation of his nose and throat, as he had tonsillitis. After the operations, the doctors advised him to stop singing and told him that he can never sing.

Jass Bajwa was upset knowing this, but guess what? He didn’t stop singing. He used to sing and sing loud each time he got a chance and was away from his house and family. And this led him to gain confidence and believe that he can still sing. The continuous ‘Riyaaz’ helped his throat to open up and sing even better.

We must say Bajwa’s this story is inspiring for us all and proves the popular quote,
“Where there is a will, there is a way”.

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