When Goa People Trolled Google Maps For Wrong Directions To Baga Beach

This time, our new best friend is Google Maps. And it is one of the most useful apps on any smartphone. Not only is it an app that can show you the path from place A to B, however remote these places are, it also shows you traffic in real-time and calculates how quickly you will reach your destination. 

But these Maps can falter sometimes. Yes, you read right. Google Maps sometimes took you to curvy off roading ways, especially on the paths of Goa. As we all know the major attraction of a Goa holiday is renting cars or bikes and enjoying the picturesque beaches for which we need Google Maps.

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But guess what they are not as trustworthy as one would like them to be. All of us would have at least once had one bad experience with Google Maps. The app at times might tell you to take a left turn even when there is no option of turning left or asking you to drive on a road which doesn’t really exist. Like it has done in showing tourists the way to Baga Beach in Goa.

In Goa, local residents have put up a huge banner to help tourists navigate to the immensely popular Baga beach. “You are fooled by Google Map. This road don’t take you to Baga Beach!!! Turn back and take a left turn. Baga (beach) is 1KM from here,” the banner says.

The poster indicates that following the path shown in Google Maps will leave tourists stranded about 1KM from the Baga beach. After this tweet went viral, Netizens started sharing their experiences of other places and trolling Google Maps.

Moreover, Baga Beach is known for its amazing parties. It is a hotbed of tourists, and of course a wrong direction by Google Maps can pretty much ruin the party!  However locals warn and save the tourist’s day.

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