When Gurpreet Ghuggi Had To Choose Between Family And Work

Gurpreet Ghuggi is a senior artist of Punjabi Film Industry who manages to pull everything iconically. From comic characters in movies like ‘Manje Bistre’, ‘Carry On Jatta’, and ‘Lucky Di Unlucky Story’, to his serious characters in ‘Ardaas’, ‘Ardaas Karaan’ and more; he can perform any and every kind of character flawlessly. 

His fans know that he kick started his film career back in 2002 with a film named ‘Jee Aya nu’. From then till now, he has given a lot of hits in the Punjabi entertainment industry. The actor is so professional that he never lets his personal hurdles get in the way of professional work. Long ago, Ghuggi had a kid’s birthday function booked. The same day his daughter, who was a child back then, got sick and was hospitalised. 

The doctors even declared the situation as very critical as her chest was very much congested. His heart could not allow him to perform, laugh and make others laugh at that time. His mind was constantly thinking about his daughter. He urged the family(where his function was booked) to let him visit his daughter and he will send someone else to replace him. But it was a lovely family which had already sent him a card of that function to Ghuggi on which it was written, “ Gurpreet Ghuggi is arriving specially on this occasion to attend the program.”

Ghuggi agreed and went there to perform, but he was thinking constantly about his sick  daughter. The same sort of thing happened again during the shoot of the famous Punjabi film ‘Ardaas’. In an interview, Ghuggi talked about that incident and said, “I was shooting a scene with Sohi sir (Sardar Sohi). That day my daughter got sick and she was residing in Ahmedabad for studies. I was shooting a scene, and immediately after that; I ran to the fields to call her as there were network issues in that area. I wanted to check whether she has been taken to hospital or not, or whether any student has accompanied her or not. Only I know how critical that kind of situation is for a father.” 

Undoubtedly, Ghuggi is not only a very dedicated and talented actor; but also an amazing family man. Choosing one between family and work can never be an easy job, bur we are proud of Gurpreet Ghuggi for the way he tackled the situation.

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