When Happy Raikoti’s Friends Did Not Give Green Flags To The Superhit Songs Of Jassie Gill & Amrinder Gill

Sometimes it is just a song or two which changes the destiny of an artist. Happy Raikoti, being one of them, believes in his soul supremacy of choosing the songs to lend them to the mainstream singers which at last go out to be one of the many superhits. 

The very talented lyricist turned singer has a bundle of songs in his bucket which are nowhere out of the list when talked about the massive hits of all time. And when it comes to the gut feeling of him he doesn’t listen to anybody in case of selecting and making the songs. 

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He once revealed that the songs like ‘Bapu Zimidar’ by Jassie Gill and ‘Diary’ by Amrinder Gill were discarded and given red flags by some of his musical friends. “Usually when I make a song I make it heard to my close ones and if there is something that is missing out gets added after thinking about it. The same happened with the songs like Bapu Zimidar & Diary. When my industry friends heard them, they disagreed on the songs and said that they won’t work well. But it was my gut feeling and my stubborn thoughts that made me do them even without the disagreement of my friends. And this was the reason I wrote them and gave them to the big singers of that time.” 

This is where the destiny lies and see how well the songs worked. Bapu Zimidar has a total of 495 Million plus views, was enjoyed worldwide by the people and Diary, from the album Judaa 2 is also one of the most loved songs of Amrinder Gill. 

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These massive hit songs are still in our playlist if we talk about the All Time Favourite ones. Happy Raikoti has many interesting incidents which come out to be so amazing of the songs and are totally loved by the audience. 

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