When Harjit Harman Tested His Stardom Level

Mitran Da Naa Chalda famed singer Harjit Harman was one of the legendary artists of the Punjabi music industry. He has been an active performer since 1999. He has sung more than a hundred songs and every song has his fan base. He earned his name in the folk songs genre. Zanjeeri, Panjebaan, Mundri, Hoor are some of his famous tracks and albums.

The song with which Harman becomes an instant star is not merely the lyrics of any song. But it is a fact that he is a well-known personality and he can solve problems using his popularity. During a movie promotion, Harman shared an incident where he used his name to sort an issue.

Once, he was in Moga for the shoot of ‘Kurmaiyan’. Amid this one time when the shooting finished in late hours, a costume issue had been raised. To tackle it, Harman asked the shopkeeper to open the shop at 2:30 in midnight and the shopkeeper did open his shop. His name and fame didn’t disappoint him and made him able to sort out the costume problem.

Today is Harjit Harman’s birthday and to celebrate his special day, we shared his fame story with the fans and followers. We wish him good luck and congratulate him on his birthday.

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