When Harshdeep’s Father Couldn’t Believe She Sings Good And Tried To Test Her Skills

Notable singer Harshdeep Kaur who is known for her beautiful and soulful voice sings Punjabi as well as Hindi songs. She sang ‘Ik Onkar’ in Rang De Basanti apart from several other melodious songs. 

Further, on being asked about her journey in the music industry so far, she mentioned that she discovered her love towards music at a very young age. She told a story from her childhood that on a very lucky day all her siblings were watching their favorite film ‘King Uncle’ and there was one song that came after which she started humming. Her father, who was a musician sitting in the next room, came and asked who was singing and humming. 

To this Kaur replied that she was doing so. He didn’t believe it and asked her to sing again, she did it. But again he took a small test of her in which Kaur had to sing the same song in different rhythms and music. She passed the test. 

Her father then asked if she has an interest in singing and if she wished to learn and polish the skills, she nodded positively. And then Harsdeep got the chance to learn Indian classical music from Shri Tejpal Singh.

She says she is thankful to her father who extended his full support for her talent. “My father played a vital role in boosting my talent. As he and other family members noticed my enthusiasm towards music, it was decided during school itself that I would make a career in music. So, this helped me remain dedicated and focused towards music,” she shared.

She then started performing in school events and some other small events. And this is how she practiced and polished her talent and now the artist is a well known Punjabi singer who has added many great and hit songs to her kitty.

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