When Jagdeep Sidhu Met Diljit Dosanjh For The First Time And Decided To Never Work With Him

Jagdeep Sidhu, one of the most prolific directors and writers of the Punjabi industry, always tries to bring unique ideation and presentation in his movies. Qismat, Nikka Zaildar, Harjeeta and more are such movies that will always be in the list of the Top Punjabi films. Being a very successful director who has worked with almost every A-lister, what made him think to never do a film with Diljit Dosanjh? 

Once Jagdeep Sidhu went to meet Diljit Dosanjh to narrate a story but it did not go so well because of some mishappenings and misunderstandings, he had to even wait for a long time to narrate the story. That first meet experience with Diljit was very bad and he was very disheartened and decided not to approach the artist ever again for any film in his career further. 

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“It was a very bad experience meeting Diljit for the first time and I felt very bad after that. But now, as I am in the same situation and I am eating the fruits of being a celebrity, I can feel and relate the situations an artist faces.”, said Jagdeep.

Further he added, “It was not Diljit’s fault, an artist has hundreds of people visiting and narrating their stories to him at a time. He is stuck at moments and mistaking everything is not ok.” 

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Jagdeep was a great admirer of director Anurag Singh, he used to follow him and wanted to be an assistant director in his films, but it did not happen. Later, Diljit Dosanjh had an idea of the film whose producer was Anurag Singh and they were in a search of a writer and director for the same film. That was the time when Diljit Dosanjh himself approached and offered ‘Shadaa’ to Jagdeep Sidhu to write and direct it. 


It went all smooth and the director agreed to do that film despite the first bad experience. Shadaa was the luckiest film for Jagdeep as he always wanted to assist Anurag Singh and the latter produced his directed film and the other reason was of course Diljit. 


It is correctly said, First impression is not always the last impression. Jagdeep at the first sight made up his mind to never do a movie with Diljit but later when Diljit himself offered Jagdeep to direct his film, it changed and went all opposite. Shadaa is one of the top grossers among the toher Punjabi films today and is still very much appreciated by the audience.

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