When Jaideep Ahlawat And Kamal Hassan Almost Got Arrested In The USA

Jaideep Ahlawat is a well-known name and we all know him for the amazing characters he has played in his career. Be it his acting skills in movies like Raazi and Raees or web series like Paatal Lok or Lust Stories, he has always proved his worth. And on the other hand, Kamal Hassan too is an actor who requires no introduction. His contribution in the building of Indian Cinema is always respected and talked about.

Both of these actors worked together in the film Vishwaroopam, which released in 2013. And recently Jaideep recalled an incident where they too were about to get arrested. The incident took place in New York near Christmas and the police there built doubts on their actions.

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In conversation with Mashable India’s The Bombay Journey, Jaideep revealed that they were shooting on the bridge when suddenly they were surrounded by 8-10 cars. They later got to know that they all were police cars and were there after them. He said,

“The moment we reached the toll, there were 8-10 cop cars and we realized they were there for us, with sirens blaring. And we were like ‘were gone’. I was the junior-most there. Kamal sir was sitting in the car, and I thought he’ll handle it. The cops started yelling like we see in all Hollywood films ‘keep your hands where I can see them.’ He kept yelling and I was thinking ‘I won’t do anything, please don’t shoot.”

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On being asked what happened next, Jaideep revealed that they were only left free after almost 15 minutes. In the meantime, they showed all the permissions and their identities to assure the cops that they weren’t involved in any wrong doings.

Undoubtedly, this incident has now become a memorable tale to laugh at, but we can imagine how difficult it’d have been for Jaideep and Kamal Hassan when they were actually present in the moment.

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