When Jayy Randhawa Was Lied To About A Good Role In His Debut Film

Punjabi anchor and singer turned actor none-other-than Bikram Singh Randhawa, widely known as Jayy Randhawa, is receiving love from all over around.

In an interview, he shared the story behind his debut movie Burrraahh. Yes, you might be surprised to know that Shooter is not his first movie. He debuts his acting career in Burrraahh. At the time when his show Stunt Mania was on air and getting appreciation from all directions, Burrraahh offered to help him by saying there is a good part in the movie.

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Throughout the movie shooting, he kept on asking for the script to get details about his role but didn’t receive any. When the shooting process was about to end, he complained that he had no dialogue in the whole movie. Yuvraj and Harish gave him one dialogue each, in a nutshell, he got only two dialogues in the whole movie.

Jayy didn’t like this experience because it was not the appropriate platform to showcase his acting skills. After this incident, he made up his mind that he will only act in the movie where he is in the lead and ‘Shooter’ is the result of that commitment.

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