When Prabh Gill Was Surprised By Amrinder Gill’s Request

Prabh Gill will be the answer with maximum votes if the question is about the best romantic singer of the Punjabi Music Industry. He has won millions of hearts with his soulful voice and heartwarming songs. 

Though its been years he has been a part of the industry, he is continuing to be the most favorite of many. You must have listened to many of his songs on the loop but do you know which song was his first playback singing project and how did he get it?

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We guess no!

Prabh Gill’s first playback project was ‘Pyaar Tere Da Asar’ for 2014 released movie Goreyan Nu Daffa Karo. The movie starred Amrinder Gill in the lead role was a superhit and so was its music. 

But the story behind it much more exciting and interesting.

You might not know it but Prabh Gill had kept the song ‘Pyaar Tere Da Asar’ for his album. And he made Amrinder Gill listen to the song and asked for his feedback. Amrinder really liked the song and praised Prabh Gill. And funny is the fact, both of them didn’t have any idea about what destiny had planned for that song.

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Because after somedays Amrinder Gill called back Prabh and asked him if we would like to make the song a part of his upcoming movie ‘Goreyan Nu Daffa Karo’? To this Prabh’s response was obvious and happy. Prabh agreed and thought Amrinder Gill will sing the song and it will be a great gift for the fans. But little did he knew about Amrinder Gill’s plans. Amrinder Gill told him to record the song because the song will only be used in Prabh’s voice. 

Prabh was the happiest and thanked Amrinder Gill for such a pretty opportunity. He recorded the song and it wad made a part of the film. And what happened next is the history. We all are hooked to the song even today. Though many people think Amrinder Gill has sung it, but you now know the real story behind it.

For the love of this song, lets hear it once more:

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