When Raftaar Said, “I Am A Better Lyricist Than Yo Yo Honey Singh.”

Raftaar and Yo Yo Honey Singh are one of the most popular and best rappers in the Indian music industry. Yo Yo started a band together with Raftaar, Badshah, Ikka and more in it, named Mafia Mundeer. It was in 2012 they were last seen together, later, because of internal professional disputes some of its members parted their ways. 

Raftaar and Badshah got separated from the band because they were not given credits for a song by Yo Yo Honey Singh. However, both of them are not in contact with Yo Yo but Raftaar still has a lot to say about his former fellow band member. 

In an interview, Raftaar once claimed to be a better lyricist than Yo Yo Honey Singh. When asked about his previous controversies and that is he still in touch with Yo Yo Honey Singh, the answer was a straight NO. “We are not in touch, whatever happened earlier was because of the rights and credits for my part. However, the dispute was never personal, it was all professional but I felt more bad because I was not just a band member, I was his friend too.”, said Raftaar. 

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Raftaar also recalled that he used to call Honey Singh as Paaji (brother) and deciding to go against him was a hard decision. He also said that he never wished bad for Yo Yo or never went against him. He & Badshah were standing on the same line, asking for credits. 

Further he makes a claim by saying that he is a better lyricist than Yo Yo Honey Singh. “If I talk about lyrics, then I am a better lyricist than Yo Yo and I claim it. Talking on the music front, Yo Yo Honey Singh is the best, he is way better music director than me.”, claimed Raftaar. 

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Raftaar even mentioned that everybody needs to have a particular position in life and it doesn’t mean that he cannot compose music or Honey Singh cannot write songs. No, when Raftaar has turned mature by age, he now understands why Yo Yo Honey Singh must have done it. He also mentioned that if Yo Yo would have brought everyone together and worked as a band forever then Yo Yo Honey Singh would not have been that big of a name as it is now. 

“Getting individual recognition being in a group is difficult and this was why it all happened and Yo Yo Honey Singh became The Yo Yo Honey Singh.”, concludes Raftaar. Both Raftaar and Honey Singh are individually rocking the music industry now and people are enjoying the songs of both of them.

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