When Ratan Tata Once Refused To Attend Prince Charles’ Event For This Unexpected Reason

The man who works for the betterment of people day and night, Ratan Tata is not just a businessman but a visionary and philanthropist too. From scholarships to financial aid, Ratan Tata is devoted to keeping the youth motivated and inspired. He has been honored with many awards from legends around the world. But when he was invited by Prince Charles to an event, Tata said ‘No’ to him. Read why he did so?

Business and brand consultant Suhel Seth once revealed that in February 2018, Prince Charles had organized an event to give Ratan Tata a lifetime achievement award for philanthropy at Buckingham Palace. And prior to the event, he got plenty of missed calls from Tata, when he asked the reason for these many calls. 

To this Tata informed that he would not be able to attend the investiture as one of his dogs, Tito, had fallen sick. Suhel was surprised and confused that all this was organized for Tata and he is refusing to attend that. 

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When Suhel had informed the Prince about this. He had reportedly said, “That’s a man!” This is the simplicity and sensitivity of Ratan Tata towards life and every creature that happens to exist.


Ratan Tata’s love for dogs is commendable. He has thoughtfully allotted a part of the Bombay House premises to his furry friends. This is an open secret — the building has been home to several stray dogs for many years now, thanks to Ratan Tata’s love for the creatures.

Moreover, in several posts, Tata has urged people to open their doors to abandoned dogs. Hence, In a world full of hate and misery, Ratan Tata restores our faith in humanity.

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