When Sharry Maan’s Uncle Wanted Him To Pursue A ‘Sarkari Naukri’, This Is How He Reacted

When Sharry Maan's Uncle Wanted Him To Pursue A 'Sarkari Naukri', This Is How He Reacted

Sharry Maan is a renowned artist in the Punjab music industry and needs no introduction. He has entertained us with various superhit songs, ‘Gumaan’, ‘Dilwale’, ‘Birthday Gift’ are a few of his hits.

In an interview, while talking about government job preference by Indian people, Sharry shared a relatable funny incident. After the success of Sharry’s debut song ‘Yaar Anmulle’, he received humongous love across the globe, he travelled abroad for shows and concerts. 

And when he came back to India and visited a friend for dinner, his friend’s father congratulated him for the success of his song but simultaneously asked him about his job. Sharry replied politely that singing and music is his profession and he is going to pursue it for his living. But that uncle remained unsatisfied with him for not having a job. 

Nonetheless, Sharry and many other artists like to remain excluded from government and corporate jobs. They prefer to be their own boss and report to themselves.

It is a fact, no matter how much success one receives in life, if they do not have a government job then Indian families will never acknowledge it as an achievement of life or a victory.

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