When Simi Chahal Lost A Bet Of Rs 50,000 To Tarsem Jassar. Read To Know The Funny Story

To bet is something that people usually do for fun purposes. Betting 200-500 rupees is common but imagine a very simple bet getting too expensive for a person that at the end it costs him a whopping amount. Something similar happened to our beloved Simi Chahal. 

During the shoot of Rabb Da Radio 2, Simi Chahal, Tania and Tarsem Jassar were in a conversation behind the scenes, when Tarsem sang a few lines from a song (Guddi Da Parahuna). Where, Guddi is Simi’s character from the name, he told the actresses that this would be one of the lines in the song from our film. Hearing it, Simi, at a glance, said that it wouldn’t happen, he was just joking and would not add this line in the song. 

Tarsem took the challenge seriously and dared Simi that he would definitely use this line in the song. “Not just the line, but I will make sure that this even remains the title of the song”, said Tarsem Jassar. Simi continued to deny so and finally Tarsem presented a bet to her worth Rs 5,000. To which, the confident Simi said, “I don’t bet for such a small amount, make it Rs 50,000.”


Tarsem warned her to not bet for this big of an amount but as said she was super confident, got stuck on the same price. Hearing the amount of Rs 50,000, Tarsem took out his phone and played the dummy song, on the spot and made 12 then-presented people the eye-witness for the incident. And that was the moment when Simi startled and got to know Tarsem was true to his words. 

So, the song Guddi Da Parahuna, which was released in 2019, basically cost Rs 50,000 from Simi’s pocket. It was sung by Kulbir Jhinjer and the lyrics of it were given by Narinder Batth and was initially named as the same. This incident has surely made everyone on the sets, realise that challenging Tarsem is a big task and would cost them a great price then or after.

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