When Someone Stole Satinder Sartaaj’s Yamaha And Gifted Him A Royal Enfield

Satinder Sartaaj is a punjabi artist who wins hearts more than awards. The audience always loves him for his soulful singing skills and melodious performances. 

Though he is super successful today and enjoys a great fan base, there was a time when he struggled and struggled too hard.

Intact there was a time when somebody had stolen his Yamaha. He has shared this incident in his various interviews. But when Satinder Sartaj lost his Yamaha, he received a Royal Enfield in return.

Many people who know this story believe a fan might have stolen his Yamaha and gifted him an Enfield. But it’s not the true story. 

Read to know what exactly happened who was the man behind the beautiful gift.

He revealed that when he used to teach music at Punjab University, somebody stole his Yamaha. This definitely troubled him but it troubled one of his cousins more. 

His cousin didn’t feel good about it and gifted a Royal Enfield to his favorite cousin Satinder Sartaaj. 

Even today when Satinder talks about the incident he always has a smile on his face. 

How beautiful is the fact that the toughest times of our life become memories we cherish in future? 

Satinder’s struggle is known to all of us. But did you know about this incident in his life? 

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