When The Audition Judge Made Fun Of Sharry Maan

Surinder Singh Maan, famously known as Sharry Maan is a lyricist, playback singer, actor and a vocalist- all in one. His songs are really enjoyed by the youth and his acting skills are highly appreciated. He is part of some evergreen hit films of Punjabi Industry like Yaar Anmulle, Rabb Da Radio 2 and many more.

During an Interview, when asked about how his music career started, Sharry Maan shared a rather interesting story. He gave a very unexpected yet surprising answer. He said that it all started when a man made fun of him and it pricked him.

Sharry participated in a talent hunt in Punjab which promised to make people who are capable enough a ‘star’. In all his excitement, Sharry decided to audition for it. Now, the twist to the story is, As soon as Sharry entered the audition room, the judge started laughing looking at him. He questioned the judge, wondering what made him laugh. And the judge simply answered that ‘you look like a comedian’.

Sharry, offended by the same, asked the judge to listen to him and he sang with his best efforts. But even after that, the judge made fun of him and passed a statement that ‘your face looks like Bhagwant Maan and you can’t be a singer, you should be a comedian’.

Dedicated towards his singing and taking the Judge’s comments as a motivation, Sharry decided to prove himself as a singer and so he put all his efforts in his singing. He also sang chorus for other singers but his one famous hit, Yaar Anmulle, brought him the fame and success he has today.

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