Who Is Alakh Pandey? The True Story Of Amazon Mini TVs Physics Wallah

This week will see the release of Physics Wallah, a web series about the life of Alakh Pandey, a well-known physics teacher.

On December 15, 2022, Physics Wallah will only be available for streaming on Amazon MiniTV, which can be found in the Amazon Shopping app. Amazon MiniTV is a rentless video streaming service. The six-episode web series will be available on the platform; however, you must download the Amazon Shopping app to watch them free anytime and from any location. Abhishek Dhadharia directs and produces Physics Wallah. 

In pivotal roles, it features Shreedhar Dubey, Anuraag Arora, Anjana Saxena, Anurag Thakur, Yatindra Bahuguna, Oksana Sidorova, Radha Bhatt, and Ishita Gagneja. Physics Wallah tells the story of a revolutionary teacher’s rise to prominence as one of the nation’s most successful Edtech entrepreneurs. 

Now, the question of whether Physics Wallah is based on actual events arises.

Yes is the answer to this question. Physics Wallah features the life of Alakh Pandey, founder and CEO of the well-known Edtech platform with the same name that offers affordable, high-quality learning opportunities. Through his YouTube channel, “Physics Wallah,” Alakh Pandey is known for revolutionizing online learning, particularly for science-stream students. Based on the trailer, the web series is expected to show how Alakh Pandey became one of the prominent successful Edtech entrepreneurs in the country and how he helped students who couldn’t afford expensive tuition.

Who is Alakh Pandey?

Alakh Pandey’s journey with Physics Wallah began in 2014 when he dropped out of his fourth year of B. Tech. and started the Physics Wallah YouTube channel, where he taught students simplified physics. Alakh Pandey received her early education in Prayagraj, where he was born in October 1991. He began teaching at a young age due to family financial constraints. 

Alakh did well in science, cracked UPSCEE and got into Harcourt Butler Technical Institute (HBTI) in Kanpur. Further, he enrolled in the college’s mechanical engineering course.

In his first year of B. Tech., Pandey scored 80% in Physics, placing him above his college peers. To fulfil his needs, he additionally began tutoring in his B.Tech’s second year. His interest in teaching had grown by the third year, and he wanted to learn more about it. 

Moreover, he wasn’t satisfied with college learning because he thought it didn’t help him in real life. As a result, he quit college in his final year, moved back to Prayagraj and debuted his YouTube channel, Physics Wallah, in 2014.

In the beginning, Pandey uploaded instructional videos on subjects for Class 12 in 2015 and 2016, but nothing came of it. On the other hand, his channel’s subscriber base increased in 2017 when videos on high school students’ topics were posted. Physics Wallah is envisioned to inspire young students and entrepreneurs.

Many people on Twitter have expressed their admiration for Alakh Pandey’s performance in the series, which stars Shriidhar Dubey as the lead. The trailer for the show has left many people in awe. 

In a tweet, digital entrepreneur Rahul Kumar Pandey wrote, “Wow… Just Saw the Trailer of Physics Wallah, and just by the glimpse of it felt this story of Alakh Pandey sir #physicswallah is so inspiring.”

Another tweet from Sandeep Kishore on Twitter read, “Alakh Sir is the G.O.A.T- Greatest of all teachers Can’t wait to watch Physics Wallah on @amazonminiTV #PhysicsWallahTrailer.”

Unlike any other sports or freedom fighter biopic, we’ve seen! This is the story of a teacher from Allahabad who changed education in India for the better, and we are confident that audiences all over the country will enjoy it. Material science Wallah encapsulates coarseness and yearning, and we are eager to carry this compelling story to our watchers on Amazon miniTV,” said Girish Prabhu, Head of Amazon Advertising.

Indeed this is the most anticipated series among children and young entrepreneurs.

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