Who Is Ansar Shaikh? The Youngest IAS Officer Of India

Every year, thousands of aspirants appear for the UPSC exam with years of dedicated preparation. The Union Public Service Commission conducts one of the most difficult exams and interviews. Those with proper strategy, hard work, smart work and dedication, wins the race.

IAS Ansar Shaikh has a similar story. India’s youngest IAS officer Ansar, is the son of an Auto driver Younus Sheikh Ahmad. He cleared the UPSC 2016 in his first attempt.

IAS Ansar’s father Yonus Sheikh Ahmad works as an autorickshaw driver in the Marathwada region of Maharashtra. He struggled with alcohol addiction and married thrice. Ansar’s mother, who usually works on farmland, is his second wife.

Unfortunately, Ansar Shaikh grew up observing domestic violence and child marriage at close quarters. His sisters were married off as young as 15, and his younger brother, Anees dropped out of school in standard VII and worked in a garage to support the family, to help Ansar to prepare for the IAS exam. At just 21, Ansar Shaikh created history. After clearing the UPSC Exam with great results, the 21-year-old got the position in the All India Rank and became the youngest IAS officer at this age.

Ansar Shaikh’s childhood was no less than a battle. Battling all odds, Ansar never let go of his goal. Not willing to follow up in his father’s footsteps, Ansar took a new way which created a history today. His dedication, efforts and hardwork led him to achieve his goal. He is an inspiration for the generations to come and a role model for all those who are facing hardships and preparing for not just UPSC but any of the exams or struggling to achieve their goals.

IAS Ansar has proved that with hardwork and sincere efforts, anything is possible.

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