Who Is Archana Nag? Why Is She Trending Across The Social Media?

Archana Nag, this name has been trending across the media for the last few days. Moreover, the 26 year old lady belonged to a financially poor family, hailing from Kalahandi region in Odisha, which was also known as the state’s “hunger zone” long back. Surprisingly, today, she has a lavish house with imported interior furnishings, luxury vehicles, four dogs of expensive breeds, and a white horse. But, it’s not a success story of an IITian or someone’s struggle with setting up a startup. The entire picture here is totally different!

Reportedly, Archana extorted all that by blackmailing the rich and influential people like businessmen, politicians and film producers, blackmailing them of publicising their private pictures. However, she had been recently detained. Moreover, her story looked so interesting to an Odia filmmaker that he plans to make a movie based on her life.

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Archana was born in Lanjigarh, Kalahandi. Before moving to Bhubaneswar in 2015, she was raised in Kesinga where her mother used to work, a nondescript city in the same district. According to police sources, Archana first worked for a private security company before switching to a beauty salon, where she later married Jagabandhu Chand of the Balasore district in 2018. Shockingly, she is even accused of operating a sex racket while being employed at the beauty salon.

And, Archana’s husband Jagabandhu is also accused of being involved in all this. As per the information, he owned used car showroom and had good terms with many politicians, builders, businessmen and other rich people. Moreover, Archana and his pictures with the influencers, including some legislatures went viral across the social media. Surprisingly, Archana is also being accused of having physical relations with some rich and influencer people, with whom she clicked some private pics and later blackmailed them of making those photos viral, if the demanded amount was not given.

Moreover, this entire mess has taken a political angle, with Congress MLA S S Saluja claiming that Archana Nag has links with many of the BJD MLAs and ministers, and if exposed, would lead to the collapse of the Navin Patnaik government in the state, which has been continusouly ruling for the last 22 years. Similarly, the BJP also claimed that 18 BJP MLAs as well as some ministers have links with Archana. However, the BJD (Biju Janata Dal) denied all the allegations, asking the Congress and BJP to provide evidences for what they have been accusing.

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