Who Is Cedric Lodge? Harvard Morgue Manager Accused of Selling Stolen Body Parts

A federal indictment has sent shockwaves through the medical community as the morgue manager at Harvard Medical School, Cedric Lodge, and his wife, along with several others, have been accused of engaging in a disturbing scheme. The allegations involve the sale of stolen human body parts, including heads, brains, faces, and even stillborn infants. This illicit operation, orchestrated through social media, has raised concerns about the integrity of the medical institution and the ethical treatment of donated remains. Here’s an in-depth look at the appalling events that unfolded within the walls of Harvard Medical School.

Who is Cedric Lodge?

Cedric Lodge is a former manager at Harvard Medical School’s morgue. He played a significant role in an alleged scheme involving the theft and sale of human body parts. Lodge, along with his wife, Denise, discreetly removed body parts from cadavers and took them home for packaging and shipping. He is accused of participating in the illicit trade of various body parts, including heads, brains, faces, skins, and even stillborn infants. Lodge’s actions have shocked the medical community and raised serious concerns about the integrity of the institution.

The Disturbing Incident

As the manager of Harvard Medical School’s morgue, Cedric Lodge played a pivotal role in the alleged scheme. He would clandestinely remove body parts from cadavers and enlist the help of his wife in packaging and shipping them. Astonishingly, Lodge even allowed select buyers to browse for body parts within the morgue itself, blurring the line between ethical medical practices and illegal profiteering.

Steps Taken and Reactions

The investigation into this macabre operation uncovered an unsettling digital paper trail. Customers made payments through platforms like PayPal, using chilling descriptions like “braiiiiiins” and “head number 7.” Disturbingly, some buyers went on to resell the stolen body parts, perpetuating the illicit trade.

Ensuring Integrity and Accountability

The indictment reveals a larger network operating nationwide, involving the purchase and sale of stolen remains from both medical schools and mortuaries. Individuals such as Katrina Maclean, Joshua Taylor, and others played a significant role in the buying and selling of the illicitly obtained body parts. The incident has prompted a strong response from the leadership of Harvard Medical School, emphasizing their commitment to upholding the trust placed in them by donors and their families.


The indictment against Cedric Lodge, his wife, and others involved in the trafficking and sale of stolen human body parts has sent shockwaves through Harvard Medical School and the medical community at large. The allegations highlight the need for stringent safeguards to protect the integrity of donated remains and ensure ethical practices within medical institutions. As this case unfolds, it serves as a stark reminder of the importance of upholding the trust placed in the medical profession by donors and their loved ones. (Source: India Today)

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