Who Is Falguni Shah? The Indian-American Winner Of Grammy Award

The Indian-American artist Falguni Shah made her name in the headlines after winning the Best Children’s Music Album Grammy this year for her album “A Colourful World”.This is not the first time she has been nominated for Grammys. Before this, she became the only Indian woman to be nominated for her album Falu’s Bazaar in the Best Children’s Album category at the 61st Annual Grammy Awards in 2019. Let’s know more about talented artists.

Who Is Grammy Winner Falguni Shah?

Early Years

Falguni Shah who goes by the stage name Falu Shah was born and raised in Mumbai, Maharashtra and had started singing at a very early age. She was three years old when she began to sing under the influence of her mother and grandmother, both of whom were musicians. She did a master’s degree in the art of Jaipur musical tradition and in the Benaras style of Thumri. 

Afterwards, she studied music under Ustad Sultan Khan and the legendary Kishori Amonkar, who was a leading Indian classical vocalist from Jaipur Gharana. After learning music, she started blending modern aesthetics with Indian classical and became popular for her unique ability. 

Musical Journey

Falu who is a fan of Music composer and singer AR Rahman was able to perform with him at the White House in 2009. They performed for the former President of the United States Barack Obama.

Further, after this event, she rose to international recognition too. She has also collaborated with international musicians like Philip Glass, Ricky Martin, Wyclef Jean, Blues Traveler and Yo-Yo Ma. In 2006, she was appointed by the illustrious Carnegie Hall as the Ambassador of Indian Music. 

Awards And Achievements

Falguni is the only Indian-origin woman to be nominated in the Best Children’s Music Album category at the Grammys twice. Her first Grammy-nominated album was “Falu’s Bazaar”. It was nominated in the Best Children’s Music category in 2019 and when talking about the album, she created the album after the birth of her son. The album is based on a musical journey through South Asian culture and around the globe. Falu then released a follow-up children’s album ‘A Colorful World’ along with producer Kenya Autie in 2021. It also received a Grammy nomination for Best Children’s Album. 

Fusion Band

She and her Boston-based husband Gaurav Shah were involved in the fusion band Karyshma (Hindi for a miracle). Also, Falu released a self-titled solo album in 2007, blending elements of folk from across south-east Asia with Western music.

Talking about her success, she revealed that she was inspired by her motherhood’s journey to make the album. Not only this, she answered all the questions by her child in the award winning album. Falu is the only Indian woman who has been nominated for and won a Grammy Award. 

Hence, her journey is not only commendable but heart winning as well. She believes that music has always helped keep her grounded and has always given her perspective when she was at any crossroads in her life. She says that music shows her the right path and gives her a lot of peace and comfort. Falu has not only made her family proud but India too. More power to her!

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