Who Is Hathrassi Wala Baba? The Man Who Wants The Whole World To Be Masturbation Free

The man that has ruled the social media world for the past few months is none other than ‘Hathrassi Wala Baba’. The man’s viral videos related to sex education and sexual problems have served as a source of great entertainment for the Punjabi audience and they’ve created a meme out of the man. But, do you know who Hathrassi Wala Baba is?

The real name of the man known as ‘Hathrassi Wala Baba’ is Dr. Jagdeep. He is an Ayurveda expert and is extremely popular on social media for his sex education videos. He also has an official Instagram page to promote his products and spread his message to the masses, called Dr. Jdee Ayurveda.

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His videos became popular among the youth mostly due to the fact that Dr. Jagdeep talks openly about masturbation and its related side effects. Many of his videos focus on convincing the youth to not masturbate. Not only masturbation, Dr. Jagdeep is also very open about sexual intercourse and talking about it in his videos. This has been the main reason behind his videos becoming a source of great content.

Life Background

Dr. Jagdeep runs a website called, doctorjdee.com. He is a resident of Ludhiana, Punjab in India and his Ayurvedic clinic is also situated in Ludhiana. As of now, the official Dr.jdeeayurveda Instagram page has built a family of about 100k followers! So, the popularity of the man can be measured from this mind-blowing yet clear fact. 

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As per the name that social media has given Dr. Jagdeep, his videos convincing youth to not masturbate is the reason. This forced the internet to call the man ‘Hathrassi Wala Baba’ and that is how, the year’s biggest Punjabi meme was made!

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