Who Is Jaggi & Why People Are Campaigning #FreeJaggiNow

If you are active on social media, like to keep an update of whatever is happening all around the world then you must have come across the trending hashtag #FreeJaggiNow many times. 

Jagtar Singh Johal is the person for whom the hashtags are being used, and he is currently behind thr bars in Tihar Jail of India under Anti-terror laws. Other that this, he is allegedly booked for murder cases also.

In a recent report of BBC, they shared the in detail information about the virtual prison meeting they had with Jagtar and his lawyer. And there Jagtar confessed that he was forced to sign blank sheets of paper by physical force. He also said that he was tortured and forced to give a scripted video confession which was later aired on national television too.

Jagtar is a Scottish man from Dumbarton, who came to India in 2017 for his marriage. But this happy trip turned out to be worst for him supersoon. As day after his marriage he was arrested by Police while he was shopping with his wife in Punjab. From then, he never returned back to home. 

BBC also got in contact with the legal team of Mr. Jagtar where they got a handwritten letter by Jagtar which had statements like;

“Multiple shocks were administered by placing (the) crocodile clips on my earlobes, nipples and private parts”,

“Two people would stretch my legs, another person would slap and strike me from behind, and the shocks were given by the seated officers.”,

And much more.

But the Indian authorities are continuously denying the allegations and their chargesheets say that Jagtar was involved with a terrorist group, was a member of Khalistan Liberation Front, and was funding for crimes.

The authorities said that Jagtar’s case and the accusations on him have been already shared with British authorities too.

And now, after 3 years this case is trending because the Human Rights Charity Reprieve has appealed to the UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab to look into the matter.

Source: BBC International

You can read BBC’S in detail report by following the link below;


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