Kalikwest Opens His Heart About His Journey, Meeting With Diljit Dosanjh & Collaborations

Kalikwest is emerging and becoming more and more renowned and talked about in the entertainment world. He started his company Kalikwest in 1997 and stepped into the world of artist management. He is not only an owner of a public relations company, but also is an in-demand artist manager. 

The man has collaborated with amazing and worldwide popular talents like Pitbull, Lil Jon, Akon and more in his career. In interacting with us, the sensational Kalikwest revealed a lot about his journey, career and passion. He expressed the feelings he used to have while listening to musical legends like Gurdas Mann, Sukhsinder Shinda , Jazzy B and more. We are sure this thread of our conversation with Kalikwest will help you know more about him. 

Q. Why did you change your real name to Kalikwest and how did your journey start?

Kali Quest was originally the name of the company I launched back in 1997. Since I moved from the UK to California, I was on a Quest to learn more about the lingo, fashion, lifestyle in the West Coast California. And ever since everyone started calling me Kalikwest pronounced “Cali Quest”.

Q. Do you remember the initial struggle?

Getting the name out was a very important part of the Quest. I remember spending lots of money on merchandise and giving it away for free just to get the name out. I supported and helped a lot of urban artists without any financial interests. 

Q. Being an artist manager, what all responsibilities do you take care of?

• Plan Concerts, Music Videos

• Deal with Record Labels

• Get them featured in Films and Music Videos

• Run their Social Media and get them verified

• And most importantly, create hype of their upcoming projects

Q. How did you and Diljit associate?

We associated when the “Back to Basics” album came out and we personally met at the PTC Awards, in Jalandhar. His village Dosanjh Kalan is also my mother’s village (my nanke). After our first meeting, our alliance grew at the Jatt and Juilet tour in North America as I was his and Neeru Bajwa’s Road Manager.

Q. How did you decide on starting a Record Label?

I see a lot of struggle among youngsters and new artists. They needed to have a direction, a road map to find their way in the Industry. We have launched some great names in the Industry like Bob B Randhawa, Harnoor, Aman Yaar, Yamie, Maddawg, Indrr Bajwa and we recently  released songs with D Harp, Honey Sidhu and more to come.

Q. I heard you were working with Pitbull and other American artists, so how come you inclined towards Punjabi music?

As a young kid, Punjabi music was always in my blood. I remember I used to listen to Gurdas Mann, Sukhsinder Shinda , Jazzy B, Bindrakhiya, Kuldeep Manak, Chamkila and many other legends. My inclination was always towards working with BIG names in Punjabi Industry. One day I connected with Sukshinder Shinda and the rest is history.

Q. Where do you see the Punjabi industry in the next 5 years?

10 times bigger than what it is right now. I see Punjabi Industry as mainstream. I believe we are on the right track of infusing Punjabi Music with Western songs.

Q. You have recently started an office in Mohali. What is your vision for the same?

I collaborated with my business partner Mohit Sharma. We have been working for 10 Years and have served numerous brands, companies and Public Figures. With the vision to pave a way for young artists in industry and turn it into a glorious entertainment and music industry worldwide, we have consistently been indulged in music video direction, in-house production, organizing musical concerts, and much more. As said earlier, we have been working nonstop with famed artists like D- Harp, Honey Sidhu while many magnificent projects are in process.

In this wholesome conversation, Kalikwest’s words were highly inspiring. For the people who adore and look up to him as an idol, he has revealed a lot about his life and career.

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