Who Is Karan Aujla Blaming In His Recent Instagram Stories For Copying His Compositions?

Who Is Karan Aujla Blaming In His Recent Instagram Stories For Copying His Compositions?

Karan Aujla looked in another mood this morning. The top artist uploaded a couple of stories on his official Instagram handle and the fans were shocked to see them. It looked like Karan Aujla was blaming somebody for copying his compositions.

Karan Aujla wrote in the first story that some artists are still carrying compositions of his songs Chitta Kurta, Jhanjar and Don’t Look. It was a way for the artist to call out people for copying his compositions. Though Karan Aujla did not mention anybody’s name but put on serious blames for copying the compositions of his above mentioned songs.

In a follow up story, Karan wrote that the type of songs he’s previously released, it takes no time to make the same type of songs again, but the artist is focused on always bringing something new for the audience and never repeat stuff. The music video of the song ‘Ask About Me’ from the artist’s debut album is dropping officially on Youtube on 14 October. Referring to the video, Karan said that it is going to be a new concept. 

Karan’s team is also preparing for the shoot of other music videos from the album and he promised that they will also be something new for the industry. He also requested his fans to not always expect the same things from his side, because he can do that at any time. What is being done new, is the real question!

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Karan Aujla took a dig at artists doing the same thing over and over again, while blaming someone anonymous for copying his old compositions. Karan Aujla is without a doubt a shining name in the Punjabi Music Industry and thus, is often a part of controversies. Who do you think was Karan referring to?

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