Who Is Lakhbir Singh Landa? Gangster Who Claimed Responsibility For Suri’s Murder

Shiv Sena leader Sudhir Suri’s murder in broad daylight has feared the masses across the state. However, the shooter was nabbed by the police yesterday, but today, shockingly, Canada-based gangster Lakhbir Singh Landa claimed responsibility for Sudhir Suri’s murder in a social media post. Though the police has been checking the authenticity of the post. 

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Meanwhile, the Congress, BJP and the SAD have slammed the Aam Aadmi Party government of Punjab, adding that the law and order situation has collapsed and that the gangster culture has been rising in the state. Moreover, despite numerous efforts by the state as well as the union government, the rising gangster culture in the state is an all-time matter of concern. 

Who Is Lakhbir Singh Landa? 

Lakhbir Singh Landa, the one who claimed responsibility for Shiv Sena leader Sudhir Suri’s murder, is based in Canada. Reportedly, Lakhbir has a lot of cases registered against him in criminal activities like drug and weapon smuggling, extortion and murder. Moreover, he is amongst the most wanted gangsters in Punjab, who has been on the hitlist of Punjab police. 

One of the most wanted gangsters in the state, Lakhbir Singh Landa, was among the eleven persons arrested for extortion, drug and weapon smuggling. Landa (33), who hails from Tarn Taran who fled to Canada in 2017, not only planned the RPG attack on the Punjab Police Intelligence headquarters in Mohali, but also planted an IED under Sub-Inspector Dilbag Singh’s car in Amritsar.

However, Linda has been in Canada since 2017, but a lot of criminal activities have been carried out under his orders in Punjab in the last few years. Last month, on 12th of October, a shopkeeper was shot dead in Tarn Taran, and later on Lakhbir Singh Landa took responsibility for that murder. Shockingly, he even threatened the police officers who were investigating the matter. 

Furthermore, now gangster Landa claiming the responsibility for Shiv Sena leader Sudhir Suri’s murder in broad daylight in Amritsar, Punjab, has once again raised numerous questions on the administration. Not only the opposition parties have been lashing out at the AAP govt but even the people on social media are concerned about the rising gangster culture in the state.

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