Who Is Leena Rafeeq? 11-Year-Old AI App Developer Of Ogler EyeScan

With the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI), lives have changed drastically, as certain new developments have facilitated many. In recent news, Leena Rafeeq created an AI app to identify eye diseases with 70% accuracy.

Rafeeq is an 11-year-old Kerala girl living in Dubai who learned to code herself. She has created an AI-based “Ogler EyeScan” application to identify eye conditions such as cataracts, arcus, melanoma, and pterygium.

The 11-year-old coder claimed that she developed Ogler using the SwiftUI programming language without utilizing any third-party libraries or packages. Six months were spent researching and developing the software for the app.

“I became familiar with various eye conditions, PC vision, calculations, AI models, and high-level degrees of Apple iOS advancement, including sensor information, AR, CreateML, CoreML; from there, the sky’s the limit,” she said.

The mobile application, currently being evaluated by the App Store, is compatible with iOS 16+ and iPhone 10 and higher. 

Moreover, Hana Rafeeq, her older sister, became the youngest iOS developer in the world when she created a mobile app for storytelling called “Hanas” a few years ago. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, was impressed by Hana’s accomplishment and congratulated her on her historic achievement. 

In a comprehensive LinkedIn post, she described how her app uses a novel scanning method on iPhones to detect eye conditions. She wrote in her post that Ogler could locate the eyes within the frame range by analyzing various parameters like light and color intensity, distance, and look-up points using advanced computer vision and machine learning algorithms.

She continued, “It also identifies any light burst issues and if the eyes are precisely positioned inside the scanner frame.” The application then utilizes the prepared models to recognize potential eye conditions from the output.

Several LinkedIn users applauded her creation. They addressed the young genius. Social media users lavished Leena with praise in the comments section after her post quickly spread across the internet.

“Good job. Wishing you continued success,” a user wrote.

“Very good, Leena…keep up the good work!” said one user.

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