Who Is Manisha Rupeta? The First Ever Hindu DSP In Pakistan! Here’s All You Need To Know

Manisha Rupeta, a Pakistani Hindu from Jacobabad, has created history today. She is the first Hindu woman in Pakistan to be appointed as a DSP, after clearing the Sindh Civil Service Examination. Manisha is now posted in Pakistan’s Lyari as a DSP. 

Let’s take you through Manisha’s journey:

Manisha Rupeta, 26, hails from Jacobabad in Sindh Province. She belongs to a middle class family and her entire journey is full of hardwork and structure. After Manisha’s father passed away when she was just 13, her mother headed the family and they all moved to Karachi. 

Manisha Rupeta’s father passed away when she was 13 years old. He was an entrepreneur. Manisha Rupeta’s mother assumed charge of the family, and they all relocated to Karachi. Despite losing her father at teenage, Manish didn’t give up on her dreams and studied hard. It was her forever dream to be a police officer. 

With her efforts and hardwork, she cracked the Sindh Public Service Commission exam, ending up at 16th place amongst the merit list of 152 successful candidates. She has been sent for the training, after which she will be posted as the DSP of Lyari. As quoted by the Pakistani media reports, Manisha believes that the women are the most oppressed and victims of a lot of crimes in the society. The society needs a ‘women protector’.

As quoted by Pakistani media, Manisha stated, “My sisters and I have seen from childhood the old system of patriarchy where girls are told that if they want to be educated and work, they can only become teachers or doctors.”

Manisha is now an inspiration for the girls across Pakistan. However, with this new role, even bigger challenges are on the way for Manisha as Pakistan is considered to be one of the worst places in terms of crimes against the women.

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