Who Is Maria Molonova? The Russian Millionaire Who Puts Billboards To Find A Husband!

Mother-of-two, the 26-year-old millionaire Maria Molonova has made the decision to rent a number of billboards in Ulan-Ude in order to find a perfect match for her. She claims that she cannot use the dating apps anymore! The Russian businesswoman has more than 22,000 followers on Instagram. Notably, in the advertisements, she included a QR code for those who are interested. 

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Since the Russia-Ukraine war, it’s difficult for Russians to use any dating applications as they’re not able to pay using a credit or debit card. “The dating apps are no longer in Russia and I am unable to meet a man, I really want to get married,” said Maria Molonova in a statement given to a newspaper. Though her advertisements went viral even across social media, she didn’t reveal if she found a suitable match!

“I used to be active on dating sites and apps, however, now they do not work in Russia so I’ve left with no choice. I can’t just sit and wait for a man, I’m an innovative and creative person. It’s my aim to cover the city as much as possible, to actually meet a man if my luck works,” said Maria. Earlier, she put a sign on her car which read, “I want to get married.”

Notably, as Maria Molonova claimed, she owns an apartment, a car and has been engaged in many investments. At the age of 26, this lady is a successful businesswoman. However, she added that she really wants to get married and is very selective in choosing a man, especially as she has two children. She even has her own financial advisor and owns heavy assets. 

Not only being popular on Instagram, the 26-year-old millionaire Maria Molonova even applied to appear on the Russian version of American reality show The Bachelor, however, she was rejected. Now her huge billboards across the city, in order to find a perfect match, are getting viral across the media.

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