Who Is Pakistani Seema Haider? A Genuine Lover Or A Pakistani Spy?

The popular Pakistani woman who entered India via Nepal is the current hot topic of Indian and Pakistani media. She claimed that she fell in love with a Noida man, Sachin, through PUBG and decided to cross the border for the sake of love. But the recent detention of her by Uttar Pradesh Anti Terror Squad (ATS) and several questions upon her are forcing every Indian to think about her in another way. 

Seema Ghulam Haider is a 27 years old Pakistani woman. She is married and the mother of four children. Seema’s husband Ghulam Haider works abroad in Saudi Arabia. Her home in Pakistan was in a Katchi Abadi in Gulistan – e – Jauhar located in Bhittaiabad, Pakistan.

The thing which has sparked fascination among the people about her is that in 2020, during the Coronavirus pandemic , while playing PUBG (an online shooting game) Seema fell in love with Sachin Meena. Sachin Meena is a 22 year old Indian Boy. He is unmarried and lives in Greater Noida. They first met in Nepal. Then in May Seema first traveled  to Dubai from Pakistan and then to Nepal along with her children. Then she came to India crossing borders illegally with her four children, Sachin received them and  they started to live in a rented apartment  in village Rabupura in Greater Noida, 55 km away from New Delhi.

Seema claims that she married Sachin and has also converted her religion and now she is a Hindu.“I have accepted his religion and culture as my own and changed the names of my four children, who call Sachin ‘Baba’. Sachin’s parents have also accepted me, and I have adopted all their cultural practices and will continue to live with them,” Seema Haider said.

Earlier Seema Haider was arrested by UP Police for entering India illegally without visa. But later she was released on bail.

The Anti Terrorist squad of Uttar Pradesh is investigating the route through which Seema entered India through Nepal illegally. Seema Haider, Sachin Meena and his father were questioned for 6 hours on Monday by ATS.

After Seema’s illegally entering India , many questions had sparked among the public about the threat to national security as Seema and Sachin’s love story has some serious loopholes.

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