Who Is Shae Gill? Pasoori Fame Pakistani Singer Trolled For Mourning Sidhu Moosewala’s Death

Punjabi Singer Sidhu Moosewala has recently bid adieu to the world on 29 May. The world mourned his untimely demise and expressed disappointment regarding the brutal murder. And one among the international artists who condemned Moosewala’s death is Pakistani singer Shae Gill. 

The Pakistan based singer is currently in news headlines for the same reason. She is being criticized for mourning the death of Sidhu Moosewala. Shae shared some screenshots of texts she received from Instagram followers who trolled and bashed her for condoling Sidhu Moosewala’s death.

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People who are criticizing Shae believe she should not be making any dua for non-Muslims because it is not allowed in Islam. Shae shared the screenshots of such chats on her Instagram story and bashed the people for the same. 

She even disclosed that she is not a Muslim, but a Christian. She wrote, ‘I belong to a Christian family and can make prayers for people from different religions.’

But this also wasn’t enough to satisfy the offended people. Someone texted Shae that even if she is not a Muslim, she belongs to Pakistan. “And because Pakistan is a Muslim state, you will not be tolerated to do anything like this. Whatever your religion but Pakistan has been occupied by Muslim religious!!! Keep in mind”, the message read.

Shae has been fighting these kinds of texts and has said that she will block the people who will send her such messages. 
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Shae Gill is a Pakistani singer who is popular for her recently released song Pasoori with Ali Sethi in Coke Studio’s season 14. Many believed she is a Muslim, but she has revealed her religion. She is a Christian and her religion allows her to make prayers for people of other religions.

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