Who Is Pixie Curtis? The 10 Year Old Millionaire Who Is Planning To Retire At 15

Most of us do jobs to earn enough money, retire earlier, travel around the world, and live rest of our lives stress-free. But while we fidget at our desks and rush through work to complete our daily tasks, this 10-year-old kid has made enough money to retire at 15 as a multimillionaire.

According to the reports of Business Insider, Pixie Curtis who is in elementary school and just 10 years old right now is walking towards her retirement as a millionaire at age 15. Well, the Australian girl owns a company, Pixie’s Bows, a hair accessory company for children that’s making huge profits and a majority of the credit definitely goes to her mom, Roxy Jacenko. Roxy has crucially helped Pixie set up her second business, Pixie’s Fidgets, a toy company. That got sold out in the first 48 hours. The company made more than A$200,000 (Rs 1.07 crore) in its first month of operating. Her social media follower count rose multifold when people got to know about this news. And this is not all, she lives in a $6.6million mansion in Sydney’s Vaucluse with her family.

“Our family joke has been I’ll be working till I’m 100 and Pixie will have retired at 15- I certainly know who’s smarter,” Jacenko told news.com.au

Janecko also owns multiple firms, including her PR firm, Sweaty Betty PR. In her interview with news.com.au, she revealed that Pixie has a dream of owning a beach house along with a Lamborghini Urus. Janecko has also been the 2013 Celebrity Apprentice Australia runner-up. She also revealed that Pixie is “well on her way” to achieving her goal.

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