Who Is Saba Azad? All About Hrithik Roshan’s Current Lady Love

Saba Azad is currently in the maximum highlights and the limelight due to her steamy romance with Hrithik Roshan. It’s popularly said that ‘Yeh public hai, sab jaanti hai, hence the fans already know about something special between Hrithik and Saba. Though neither of them has openly talked about their relationship status or made it official, their posts for each other and pictures speak a lot. 

The 37 year old Saba is an actor and is 11 years younger to Hrithik. From her profession to how she met Hrithik, you will find answers to all your questions here.

Beginning with the real name of Saba, it is Saba Singh Grewal, and she is the niece of popular theater artist Safdar Hashmi. And it was her uncle only who turned godfather for Saba to begin her acting career. She started acting in Delhi with Safdar Hashmi’s theater group Jana Natya Manch. 

She made her acting debut in Bollywood with the movie Dil Kabaddi which released in 2008 and since then has been a part of handful of B-town movies and was last seen in Sony Liv’s web series Rocket Boys. 

Apart from acting, what else you need to know about Miss Azad is the fact that she is a popular and loved singer in the Indian indie music scene as well. She has also been a part of electric band Madboy/Mink with Imaad Shah, who she has dated for almost 7 years but broke up in 2010.

Now coming to the most awaited and wanted information about Saba; how she actually met Hrithik Roshan! So, the story sounds very fortunate that her introduction to Hrithik Roshan was initiated on Twitter. Yes, you read that right. Twitter, where we usually head for trending memes, catching what’s hot, announcements and political debates, is the same place which made the two know each other. 

It began when Hrithik Roshan not only liked but also shared a video on Twitter which featured Saba along with a rapper. Saba overwhelmed with this DM’ed Hrithik thanking him for the same. And this eventually landed them talking to each other. And when something like this is going on with a celebrity’s life, it doesn’t go unnoticed by the paparazzi and the fans. In February, Hrithik was spotted having dinner with a girl, which fans recognized as Saba Azad. 

Later the duo also exchanged some Instagram stories for each other which made the fans’ doubts stronger, but the doubts were put to rest with a big confirmation after Saba was spotted enjoying family time with Hrithik’s family. Hrithik’s uncle Rajesh Roshan posted pictures from the family’s fun-time on Instagram where Saba can be spotted.


And the biggest moment for Hrithik fans who were waiting for him to drop some hints about his relationship was when Hrithik was captured hand-in-hand with Saba Azad at Airport. 

They might not have verbally opened up about their romance, but their gestures and social-expressions for each other are more than enough to make their fans go gaga.

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