Who Is Sandeep Bhullar? The Man Blamed For Copyright Strike On AP Dhillon’s Song Desires

AP Dhillon, Gurinder Gill and Shinda Kahlon recently came out with their all new EP, Hidden Gems. While the whole album was receiving immense love from the audience, one song in particular, Desires, was turning out to become a fan-favorite. But, just as it was having a successful run, an unfortunate event struck the song. A copyright claim was filed against the official audio version of the song, resulting in the removal of the song from Youtube.

Now, on opening the song, it reads that someone named ‘Sandeep Bhullar’ has filed the copyright claim that brought the song down from Youtube. Ever since, the audience has been speculating who Sandeep Bhullar actually is. When they went deep into the Youtube world, they recalled that a man who shares the same name, Sandeep Bhullar, a Youtuber, had also brought down Zee Music’s video and the famous song ‘Bhuchal’ by Youtube creator Thara Bhai Joginder. The strike on ‘Bhuchal’ was taken down by Sandeep afterwards.

Due to the history of the name Sandeep Bhullar, the audience was forced to believe that the man who took down AP Dhillon’s Desires, is the same man who took Zee Music’s video and Bhuchal song down. And soon, Youtuber Sandeep Bhullar himself came live on Youtube, so the audience was bound to ask him questions.

Public’s opinion on the topic ‘Who is Sandeep Bhullar’:

The comment section of the live was flooded with questions about removal of AP’s desires. The audience asked, “Are you the man behind the copyright claim on Desires?”. Sandeep Bhullar replied to their questions by asking if they were talking about the ‘Desire’ car. Why would he go and file a copyright claim on a car? 


So, Youtuber Sandeep did not actually take responsibility for the copyright claim on Desires. Though he did not straightforwardly deny saying he’s not the man behind it, he did not accept it either. So, it remains unclear as of now if the Sandeep Bhullar, who took down Desires, is the same Sandeep Bhullar who took down Zee Music’s video and Bhuchal song. 

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