Who is Sukhman Gill? Canada-based Actor Who Is Ready To Set Punjabi Film Industry On Fire

Movies are like dreams in which artists articulate ideas. Their work can transport you to a new world and redefine your thoughts. They say a script invites artists to collaborate, and we know making a film is challenging. It takes a lot of hard work, effort, and dedication. 

With the same dedication to making the audience amazed again by the magic of cinema, a new Punjabi movie is being shot in and around Vancouver, BC. The movie explores the myth, action, and love genres.

The film’s title is “The Prince of Lahore,” which stars Sukhman Gill, Jaskaran Grewal, Kirat Bedi, and B.K. Singh Rakhra, Jassica Gill, and guest stars Arkie Kandola. Along with Shahzad Malik, Abhishek Attri, and Simran Strilchuk.

Kanwar Singh wrote and directed the screenplay; Tushar Bassi handled the cinematography. DholBoy Studios, in collaboration with Basant Creations and Romy Singh, produced the movie.

The movie’s Executive Producer is Basant Singh. Love Rose Bawa was the costume designer, with Pavi Artistry as the makeup artist. Wahidpuria is the movie’s editor. Gurveer Singh is the sound recordist. Sumedha Sharma is the film’s art director. However, the movie’s release date is TBA. Here’s a sneak into the lead roles of the star cast.

Who is Sukhman Gill?

Sukhman Gill is the male lead in the movie “The Prince of Lahore,” playing Kushi, a fresh college student. Kushi has dreams of making it big until his life takes an unexpected turn by throwing him into a world of chaos. He can’t turn back now. He has to use his strength, Witt’s, and most importantly, his beliefs if he wants to stay alive…or if he wants to fall in love.

Sukhman Gill is an actor based out of Toronto, Canada. You can see Sukhman in many national and international commercials or print work. Most recently, he was the lead in two films that enjoyed a festival run at TIFF 2022. Besides his impressive on-screen presence, Sukhman has a degree in Architecture and played AUS Basketball in Australia. It’s a sure thing that we’ll be seeing more of Sukhman Gill on the big screen, given his promising talent as an actor.

Who is Jaskaran Grewal?

Jaskaran is the other main lead of the film. She plays a double role in the movie, one of a bridesmaid and the other the police officer in training. In addition, Jaskaran is a model, dancer, and actor. She has been a lead actress in music videos and a background dancer in a Punjabi film. She’s an immensely talented 19-year-old girl.

So we can’t wait to see both of them play on the big screen and make the movie a must-watch. So stay tuned for further updates on “The Prince of Lahore.”

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