Who Is Tarsem Jassar Targeting In His Recent Instagram Post?

Punjabi singer Tarsem Jassar is known to be a man of his words and the Turbanator just proved it. The singer-songwriter uploaded an instagram post that clearly shows that he turned down an offer intended to “Buy Him”.

Team Kiddaan had earlier informed the audience about some malicious activity going on between a big National Media channel and Punjabi artists. The Tarsem Jassar-issue might be linked to the same.


With the farmer’s protest still going on in the nation’s capital and Tarsem Jassar being a big supporter of the farmer’s protest, dots joined together also link the issue with the protest. “Asool Change Karide Ni Banda Dekh Ke”, Jassar’s pen couldn’t write better words to define today’s situation.

The singer turned down the offer making a statement in strong and bold words, “Go buy traitors, Jassar does not sell out”. 

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